Ameer Baraka talks about Minotaur and AHS Coven

Ameer Baraka talks about Minotaur and AHS Coven


The actor Ameer Baraka, who played Bastien, the Minotaur, gave us an exclusive interview talking about his character in AHS: Coven. Check out:

Hi Ameer Baraka, it’s a great pleasure to interview you. First of all, I would lik to know how did you start your career? 

My career started in 2000, with the co leading role of a Sony movie the New Guy. Barkley was the characters name. It was my first audition and my first role.

American Horror Story: Coven wasn’t your first role on TV, right? How is it to be on a TV show so acclaimed by the public and playing a such important role? 

I’ve worked on several tv shows in my short career. ER, The unit, Trema and a few other one. To be apart of AHS has augmented my fame if you will. People recognize me all over the states and even in brazil. Lol. I’m blessed to play a role like Bastian/Minotaur.

How did you join the cast? Ryan went to speak with you? 

I have a nice résumé and the director notice my body of work and thought that I would perfect for the role. My modeling back around help because I’m in great shape. And Amgela Bassett need a great actor and good looking guy to play her lover.

We saw on your twitter that you are coming back next season. How are you feeling about coming back and could you tell us something about the relation of your character with ventriloquism? 

I can’t talk about next season because the I have a lot of respect for them and the cast. You will just have to wait.

Tell us how is to work with such incredible actresses like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe. And with Ryan Murphy? 

Working with such a wonderful cast was like taking a 10year acting class in 7 weeks. Each of them allowed me to go deep because I didn’t want to look like I didn’t fit in. I wanted to win my respect. Both Angela and Kathy told me that my work was solid. To hear them say that to me was both a blessing and inspirational. Gabby and I would leave set after work and I would tell her how she’s playing such a role. She’s a wonderful person and I was pretty upset when people talked about her being to big. My Moma is a big lady. So that really bother me. We all know that Ryan is a great person.

How was to play Minotaur?

Playing the Minotaur was fun and exciting. I had never done anything remotely close to the Minotaur. It’s was hot under all that shit I tell you. The director Alfonso really gave me the moments I needed to stay focus and moving in a was that made the character work. I wanted to please Ryan and him both with my skills. I couldn’t see most of the time but Ryan had gone out and got the best people to help me during my practice time to make it work. And that it did. People love Angela and I together.

Have you ever watched any of the seasons of AHS? If yes, which one is your favorite or which part did you like more? 

I never knew anything about the show. But afterward I did my home work and 1,3 are my favorite. I quests 3 because I’m in it. Lol lol. No disrespect.

When you decided to be an actor?

I started acting in high school. But in New Orleans there wasn’t any out let’s. so, I stopped and later picked it up after I realize that I had talent.

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